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Christoforos Mechanezidis

Location: Europe

Gold Awards: 0

Silver Awards: 15

Tota flash addict since 2017! Although I shoot weddings (and also am working selfemployed) since 2006, only since 2017 I use flashlight as a creative power-up.
Learning to master flash photography totally changed it all! At the same time I also started a total new approach to shooting a wedding: getting much closer, much more fearless, shooting more wide angled, letting all my fears behind me and jumping right into cool waters, as I had only some months practice (our dog Luc back then was mostly my test model) but didn´t go for safe shots during the first weddings in this year 2017. No safe shots at all, just going for full risc, specially with flash photography. And it worked, I didn´t fail at all, I tried out more and more, I got creative and so the bookings were increasing and I finally - after living 10 years almost just above the poverty line - started to be able to really live from my passion.
2019 was my best year until now - then Corona came and it muddled everything completely, as i got fewer and fewer bookings.
So now in the end of 2022, it´s a new start again, in fact from zero (money),
I will focus more on my flash workshop in 2023, which after 2 years break due to Corona is now being reactivated.
Falling down and getting up, again and again, this seems to be my thing somehow ;)
Never give up!
And my the flash be with you! =)

Oh okay, you wanna know a bit more about me?pointless
I´m married since 2015 to my amazing and wonderful wife Katrin, who´s working as a primary school teacher. Since October 2021, a super clever, super cute - but also super stubborn and super cheeky ;) - Labrador girl named Lila is enrichening our lives. A live without a dog is possible but pointless... :))
Whaaaaat, still wann aknow more? Oh come on, just write me a message and have a chit chat! =D