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Claudia Wyler

Location: North America

Much like my life that has always been split in a million different ways, so is my photography. Everyone always talks about branding and sticking to one genre- the mantra of you haven’t made it till you find your one genre and stick to it, but I just can’t be boxed in like that. My love for concert photography is just as great as my love for capturing the love and connection of a couple committing their lives to each other, as is, the raw and real moments of a family welcoming their first baby or capturing their day to day lives and the important moments that matter. I guess my work, all of it, encompasses one thing, my passion for authenticity. We all know our lives happen in beautiful, messy and chaotic moments; these are our stories and they are precious and worth capturing and regardless of what is happening in our lives I want to be there to capture it. Cause it matters. All of it. So if you’re out there struggling trying to find your voice, just speak your truth. Be real. Be authentic. Be transparent. Be you, cause I’m gonna be me.