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Ellie Burgueno-Chico

Location: North America

Gold Awards: 0

Silver Awards: 3

Just a fellow creative who likes to inspire and be inspired. What I love most is God, my husband, family and a camera in my hand.

“Color & Movement bring an irrevocable burst of feelings! It’s Joy and Inspiration infused within my spirit as it lifts in an unconventional and creative way”.

My name is Ellie B Chico

I am a self taught photographer and artist, born and raised in Los Angeles, now residing in Riverside for the last 16 years. I have been in the business of creating for over 30 years. Life happens, however photography and art are like dna, it’s always been embedded in me. I am a published, award winning photographer. Specializing in Fashion, Editorial and Wedding Photography.
I am blessed to be sponsored by Canon and have several ambassadorships with companies in my field.

Photography has been a passion from early on in my teens, in high school the camera became part of me. The desire and passion to become a professional photographer was always my end game. I never stopped dreaming, learning or putting in the time. They say hard work, focus and dedication is the way. Well it was for me! It always pays off at the end.