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Jason Vinson

Location: North America

Jason Vinson is a husband, father, and wedding and documentary photographer, based out of Northwest Arkansas. He has a passion for creatively documenting real moments, as well as taking epic and unique portraits. He has been ranked as the 2023 ISPWP International Photographer of the Year as well as the 2023 Masters of Wedding Photography Photographer of the Year. He was also the #1 Fearless Photographer in North America and Top 3 in the World for 2022 and 2021. He is also ranked as one of the Top 100 Fearless Photographers of all time. He is a multi-award winning photographer through Junebug Weddings, Worlds Best Wedding Photos, ISPWP, Masters of Wedding Photography, Documentary Family Awards, and more. Jason also is an ambassador for brands such as Stella Pro Lights, Flashpoint, Magmod, Aftershoot, DreambooksPro, Holdfast, DVLOP, Cheetah Stands, and more. In addition to his photography work, Jason spends countless hours educating the photography community. He has been a speaker, instructor, writer, and content creator for establishments such as WPPI, Portrait Masters, Rangefinder, PPA, Fstoppers, and many more