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Jennifer Garza

Location: North America

Gold Awards: 1

Silver Awards: 5

Over the last decade, I've dedicated myself to capturing the profound moments of love shared by couples during one of the most significant chapters of their lives. My photography style seamlessly blends classic imagery with a focus on photojournalism. Utilizing creative lighting, unique perspectives, varied angles, and vibrant colors, I aim to not only showcase my clients' personalities but also narrate the unique story of their wedding day. I encourage couples to infuse their passions, hobbies, and personal style into their photos without hesitation.

As a proud Colorado native, I've had the privilege of calling the iconic Rocky Mountains my backyard. Summers are spent hiking, winters are dedicated to skiing, and with 350 days of sunshine annually, the outdoors beckon year-round. Despite my mountain roots, I harbor a deep love for the beach and seize every opportunity to celebrate in the sand. When not focused on editing or capturing moments with wonderful clients, you might spot me on the golf course with my husband, indulging in Netflix marathons, exploring exotic destinations, or taking leisurely walks with my dogs. So let’s embrace the adventure of life, where every moment holds significance. Come along with me as we revel in the celebration of life and honor the incredible journey of love!