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Joe Bickerton

Location: Europe

Gold Awards: 0

Silver Awards: 2

Hi - I'm Joe, based in Shropshire (UK) and I've had my wedding photography businesses since 2012 (...wow, 10-years have flown!). As I've progressed, alongside documentary shooting - my interest in creative portraits and OCF has grown, fuelled very much in recent years by Neil and his patreon group and investing in more thought and learning during the pandemic which really allowed me to re-set. Being part of the flashmasters community is another step on my learning journey, which I hope will inspire me further and continue the hugely supportive links that I've enjoyed making with other similar photographers in recent years. For info, at the moment I shoot Nikon (Z6ii's), with godox flashes and my favourite lens is the Sigma 85mm 1.4 art.