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Sondra Miltenberger

Location: North America

Gold Awards: 1

Silver Awards: 11

Sondra Laray’s photography has always had one goal in mind: capture LIFE, real raw emotions, candid moments, photos that when you look back on them make you feel what you felt in that moment.

Originally established in 2017, Sondra Laray’s photography started off with only one team member—Sondra Laray herself. Sondra began as a hobbyist for years before establishing Sondra LaRay's Photography. Over the years it has grown to include a number of skilled and passionate photographers and second shooters who’s only goal is to is make sure your once in a life-time moments are captured and live forever in your heart.

Sondra Laray’s Photography is committed to capturing emotion first but also creating fine art wedding portraits with the use of creative lighting for a more artistic and dramatic feel.