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Tim Kamppinen

Location: North America

Gold Awards: 10

Silver Awards: 29

I'm a photographer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States and I've been photographing weddings since 2009.

My work is vivid and dramatic; I try to capture the emotions of the wedding day with as much visual impact as possible, which very often means using some form of off-camera light source.

I have been obsessed with lighting from the very early stages when photography was still just a hobby. I remember reading the "Strobist" blog, buying used Nikon SB-28 flashes and cheaply made radio triggers from eBay, and making my friends pose for me while I figured out how to light a portrait.

The gear has evolved tremendously since that point but the principles of light and shadow remain the same; I still get excited when I'm able to manipulate them to transform a scene and create images that otherwise would never have been possible.