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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Flash Masters is more than just a website or ‘just another awards.’ It is a brand and a community working together to inspire, educate and celebrate the best flash photography in the world and we are so glad you have found us!

Welcome, Bienvenidas, Bienvenue, Salut, Privet, Welkom, Willkommen, Benvenuta, Huanying, Yokoso, Eoseo Osibisio, Sugeng Rawuh.

Who are we?

Founded by UK wedding photographers and educators Neil Redfern and Helen Williams; the concept, created over a bottle of wine in a Dublin bar has grown from an idea and blossomed into what you have found here today. A welcoming and inclusive space for creative photographers to share their work; become inspired and learn how to take their flash images to the next level. Not forgetting – winning awards! Who doesn’t love one of those?

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