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As you will have seen or heard mentioned through the website or our social media, Flash Masters aims to recognise and celebrate the very best flash photography in the world. We are different because we understand the technical part of creating epic flash-lit images often requires us to direct, stage, digitally remove elements or composite. For those of you used to entering wedding photography awards in the past, it’s time to throw out the pre-conceived rule book and proudly share your epic flash images. Your time to shine is now!


  • Any images submitted to the awards must have been taken by the participant. All entries you submit must have been set up, directed, lit and taken by yourself (the use of lighting assistants to hold or move lights is absolutely fine!)
  • Images from styled shoots are accepted so long as the shoot is creatively led by yourself and again you were the one to set up, direct, light and take the image.
  • Images from workshops are not accepted.
  • Entries are not limited to just off-camera flash. On camera flash images are welcome along with those taken with other off camera light sources including video lights. So long as you again made the creative decision to add the light source and had creative control of the situation then please hit that submit button.
  • Images taken when second shooting – let’s all be honest… Those of us who second shoot for other photographers can often take some stunning images. The reduced pressure of not being the lead photographer can often open our eyes to more creative and risky shots. We have no problem with images being submitted from when you were a second shooter. However, as the rules above state, you must have been the creative producer of the image using your own equipment (not just shooting over the lead shooter’s shoulder triggering their flashes). You must also check with the lead shooter for permission to enter the image. We have no doubt that gaining recognition for your incredible image is important, but never underestimate the importance of good relations with your fellow photographers. You may be breaking your second shooter contracts by submitting without permission too!
  • Images taken on your behalf by a second shooter or associate are not allowed.
  • Composite images are allowed where they are created to individually light areas of a scene and/in order to easily edit out assistants and lighting equipment.
  • All entered images must use off camera lighting added by the photographer.
  • Composite photographs are allowed. However, all elements of the final submitted image must consist of photographs taken by the Photographer and the camera position must not change between each separate file which makes up the final submitted image.
  • Content aware / generative fill must only be used minimally to remove minor distractions - no more than 10% of the final image can be generated by AI / content aware. Judges discretion will make this call. Removing distractions is the only scenario in which any form of AI can be used in images entered in to the awards.
  • Brenizer method shots are permitted.
  • Overlays are not permitted.
  • In camera multiple exposures are permitted but must be created in camera to produce one single file (whether RAW or JPEG). The single file created in camera must be emailed to hello@flashmasters.co upon entry.
  • In case of doubt of any of the above, RAW files of submitted images may be requested by a judge.
  • Members can enter up to 10 images per collection. We ask that no two or more images within a set of submitted images resemble each other - i.e. if two or more images are similar to each other, please only submit one per collection.


  • Duo/studio accounts are permitted but for a maximum of 2 photographers. Larger studios will require individual accounts for each photographer entering.
  • Images submitted should be 2000px on the longest edge and in JPEG format. Where possible, please run your entries through JPEG mini to reduce the file size.
  • Images submitted to the contest can be taken at any time. They can be from any year so feel free to go back through your back-catalogue.
  • By submitting an image to the contest the photographer agrees to allow Flash Masters the online commercial use rights to the image so that it can used on our website and social media outlets to promote your work and award win.
  • Submitted images must not contain watermarks.
  • We are a supportive and respectful community set up to inspire, educate and celebrate each and every one of our members. We will not tolerate abusive, derogatory, threatening language or behaviour on any of our platforms. Failure to comply will result in membership being revoked.
  • The leader board system will rank photographers based on the overall number of points they have accumulated in the current year and will be reset each January after the Flash Masters Photographer of the Year is announced. Images winning silver awards (voted for by one of the two judges that round) will receive 10 points. Those images winning gold awards (voted for by both judges) will receive 20 points. In the instances where members have the same number of points, priority in the rankings will be given to the photographer with the most gold awards.
  • Members are welcome to re-enter images for multiple collections. The judges are changed each round so images that haven’t been selected in one collection could still win in another. Winners of silver awards can re-enter if they would like to try and upgrade it to a gold award. In the instance of silver award re-entry, if only one judge selects it again, the image will not be given any further points or included in the next collection. If both judges vote for the image, therefore upgrading it to a gold award, the leaderboard will be updated and the gold replaces the previous silver and a total of 20 points applied. No single image can earn more than 20 points.

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