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Flash Masters Members Spotlight – Moonlight Elegant Photography

Flash Masters Members Spotlight

Kevin Shoemake - Moonlight Elegant Photography


Where in the world are you based? Where is the most exciting location you have shot at?

I am based in Victoria Texas, USA. The most exciting location I have shot at was Iceland.

When did you set up your photography business and what genres of photography do you shoot?

I went full time photography at the end of 2016. My favorite genres are Engagements, Bride, Seniors, Headshots and Weddings

What would you say has been your most memorable photography job and why?

That time our bride told us she wanted to shoot her pictures with heavy equipment. She had her team bring an Excavator and Side Boom down to a lake. We felt a lot of pressure to create something unique. We made a rope swing and boomed her out over the lake.

What is your all time favourite photograph you have taken and why? 

This was a hard one. I love all my images. They all have a story. The one that comes to mind is the young lady from Iceland wearing a red dress at the Skógafoss Waterfall. There were a lot of tourists. A photographer friend told us when we go down, people would clear out of the way, and sure enough, most did. It was an amazing location. I shot 90% of the trip without flash trying to master natural light and new shooting techniques.

Reveal one thing you keep in your camera bag that people may not expect to be there. Why is it there?

Gaff tape, you never know when you might need to hold something together or tape something down. I accidentally dropped a flash before and was able to tape the batter back in place so I could finish my shoot. I don't go anywhere without it.

What is the biggest reason you like using off camera flash?

Balancing ambient and flash, you can create images that stand out. It allows you to control and manipulate light to enhance the mood, drama, and visual impact of your photographs.

What is the best part/biggest benefit of being a Flash Masters member?

The knowledge you gain from other top photographers from all over the world is priceless. Seeing what other photographers are creating keeps me pushing harder to learn new things and be the best I can be. They also show fantastic behind-the-scenes, showcasing how other photographers create their magic. The interviews are another way to learn by listening to leading photographers describe their creations. Sometimes someone's tips can change how you shoot. I call those nuggets!

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone starting out on their flash photography journey, what would it be? 

Don't give up keep practicing we all started out the same way.

Thank you so much Kevin for your amazing spotlight! We absolutely adore your images and are so proud to have you as a member of the Flash Masters community! You can see more of Kevin's work and see all of his social links on his Flash Masters profile.