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Interview with Arno de Bruijn is live!

How I Shot it interview with Arno de Bruijn

In this video we speak to Netherlands based Flash Masters Ambassador  - Arno is recognised as being one of the best creative wedding photographers in world. He is an Ambassador for MagMod and Profoto, is a passionate educator who runs many wedding photography workshops and he has also written and published books on off camera flash. Arno tells us how he created some of his favourite and most creative wedding photographs as well as telling us how he first started in wedding photography, what camera equipment he uses and introduces us to his new wedding photography education Patreon. We are so grateful to Arno for sharing so much fantastic information and advice with us, it was an absolute pleasure talking to him. A huge thank you again Arno! The full length version of this interview is available in the Flash Masters member zone - please join us in the Flash Masters community to watch the full length version in which we talk about 4 more of Arno's favourite off camera flash wedding photographs.