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Members Spotlight – Burlap and Oak

Flash Masters Members Spotlight - Andy Bowlin of Burlap and Oak Wedding Photography

Where in the world are you based? Where is the most exciting location you have shot at?

I am located in Cayucos California. A small beach town in San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast. It’s so beautiful here I tend to stick in my own zip code. But I’d love to shoot a wedding in Yosemite.

When did you set up your photography business and what genres of photography do you shoot?

I’ve been doing photography for many years but this is only my second year solely focusing on wedding photography.

What would you say has been your most memorable photography job and why?

That’s a tough one. Other than portraits and weddings, I do some freelance work for a few online publications. But I’d say any photography job that has good free food is always a plus for me.

What is your all time favourite photograph you have taken and why? 

I’d say the one everyone seems to remember is mine is the blue tree tunnel reflection.

Reveal one thing you keep in your camera bag that people may not expect to be there. Why is it there?

My camera bags are pretty typical other than the random extras that a lot of people carry. Prism,mirror, fairy lights etc. The oddball I have is Aspercreme. I put it on my feet after a long day of shooting. It really helps your feet feel fresh after being on them all day.

What is the biggest reason you like using off camera flash?

So many reasons. I like being able to be in control of the light or add light where it is needed. I also love being able to make photos that you can’t see in real life.

What is the best part/biggest benefit of being a Flash Masters member?

I’d say the community. Being apart of like minded photographers is really beneficial for everyone. I know I get so much inspiration from everyone. I think everyone does. It’s really nice to see all of the crazy things everyone comes up with. Stuff I would never think of in my own.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone starting out on their flash photography journey, what would it be? 

Use one light. Expose for background, then turn on flash. Flash gets brighter flash gets darker..

Thank you so much Andy for sharing such great advice, your amazing images and being such a fantastic member of the Flash Masters community! You can see more of Andy's work on his Flash Masters profile which is ready to view here!