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Members Spotlight – Jessie and Dallin Photography

Members Spotlight - Jessie and Dallin Photography

Where in the world are you based? Where is the most exciting location you have shot at?

Salt Lake City, Utah. The most exciting place is either Moab, Utah or Glacier National Park in Montana.

When did you set up your photography business and what genres of photography do you shoot?

We started our business in 2016. We photograph weddings, and are going to start a second brand focused on graduating senior photography.

What would you say has been your most memorable photography job and why?

Hiking a few miles in the darkness with headlamps to photograph the Milky Way in Moab, Utah. We were the only people on the hike, and had the Milky Way all to ourselves! All we could hear throughout the night were the squeaks of bats and the chirping of crickets! It was surreal!

What is your all time favourite photograph you have taken and why? 

The Milky Way photo we took at the Salt Flats in Utah is probably our top favorite because it was our first attempt at photographing the Milky Way. You never forget that kind of experience!

Reveal one thing you keep in your camera bag that people may not expect to be there. Why is it there?

Lint roller, and a strand of fairy lights! You never know when either will come in handy! 🙂

What is the biggest reason you like using off camera flash?

We love creating something unique for our couples. A photo that is special to them that no one else will have. It's satisfying to push the boundaries of creativity and also to enhance the existing ambient light.


What is the best part/biggest benefit of being a Flash Masters member?

We love the awards and the community! It feels like being a part of a big family filled with people who support one another!

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone starting out on their flash photography journey, what would it be? 

Start by learning from someone you trust who can teach you the basics and build upon it. We always mention this, but we owe Pye Jirsa with SLR Lounge a huge thank you for creating the courses he did and for being our mentor throughout our flash education journey. We highly recommend SLR Lounge as a resource for additional learning!

Thank you so much to our Milky Way Queen and King - Jessie and Dallin! We are so insanely proud to have this exceptionally talented pair as members of the Flash Masters community. If you would like to see more of their work (we wouldn't blame you) you can check out their profile here! 


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