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Arno de Bruijn

Location: Europe

Hall of Fame

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Arno de Bruijn ⚡️Educator • Photographer • Wizard of Light

Always looking to renew himself, which translates into unique and creative images. Due to his many years of experience as a professional portrait and wedding photographer, but also as a mentor / coach, Arno can challenge you without getting frustrated and has been helping students & photoghrapers worldwide with their education + creative skills..

Arno is Magmod, DedoLight, Floricolor, Op/Tech USA and Profoto Band Ambassador. Get inspired and start learning with his online workshops, book & training. As a wedding photographer, he is also the creative genius behind #BeCreative Studio, Arno de Bruijn Photography and Trouwdag in Beeld Wedding photography. Always looking for innovative, unique and creative images and conjures up the most amazing photos with one or two light sources.

Arno has been speaking at the Photo Festival (Antwerp – Belgium), WPPI (Las Vegas – USA), Floricolor Seminars (Portugal), Masters Seminar (Den Bosch – NL), Professional Imaging (Nijkerk – NL), Fashion Show Potowalk (Las Vegas – USA), Profoto Seminar (Radio Kootwijk). He is also an author of a number of creative photography and Off Camera Flash books and has received many awards like Fearless Awards, WPS Awards and lifetime Master of Photography Awards.