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Nik Bryant

Location: Europe

One day, I’ll have my own outdoor pizza oven. There WILL be pineapple.

I live in Greater Manchester with my beautiful wife, Laura, our son Reuben, and our stupidly noisy cat, Tiger. I love eating out in central Manchester – anything Mexican, classy/dirty burgers, pizza – and I’m always up for a box set or a great film. Live music photography taught me a lot about technique, particularly shooting in dark and tricky situations.

I just want to be the best photographer I can be – and one that’s affordable for the majority of people, too. I love strong composition, using symmetry and leading lines to frame your wedding portraits and formals.

I spent a long time learning from the best wedding photographers. I watched them work, and saw the images that came from it. I learned how to be involved in a wedding – but not too involved.