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Norbert Campbell

Location: Europe

Hi and Welcome to Norbert Campbell Photography. I am Norbert and I am assisted by my wife Ingrid. I was born in Jamaica and lived in a district known as St Elizabeth. It was totally rural, no electricity and no modern conveniences. As a lad I would see light beams shining through knots in the wooden shingles and I would cup my hands together to try and trap the light in my hands. But when I peeked into my hands there was nothing there. Where has it gone? I had no idea. I would notice beautiful colours coming out of the bright orange soil, red & white flowers, purple vines that formed Yam and I would wonder “How can you get all these different colours from the soil?” I had no idea!

Having arrived in England aged 8, I discovered Science, what an eye opener. Yes, there were answers to questions about sunlight and about colours. Needless to say, I came to love science and I love light and I love colours. Colours matter to me, if it matters to you then I might well be the photographer you are looking for. We try to capture the events that you will quite likely have missed so that you can relive your wedding day over and over again in full colour.