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Taber Lacie

Location: North America

Gold Awards: 0

Silver Awards: 3

Hi, I'm Taber! Mom of 6, a professional chaos coordinator, and a self-proclaimed photography nerd.
I started in the wedding industry as an assistant photographer when I was just 16 and instantly fell in love. From the intimate love-soaked moments to the crazy and hilarious dance moves at the reception, everything about it called out to my soul. I think having that kind of passion for weddings is not only important, but necessary. If your photographer is just as excited for your day as you are, you know they're going to treat your wedding as if it were their own, which is exactly what I do. I go all in to get the best shots, constantly looking around for perfect candids, planning epic shots out days or weeks before the big day, and finding inspiration on the day of to come up with new and fun ideas for poses that match my couple's personalities. I want my couples to look back on their photos and not just see memories, but feel the love, happiness and energy in them, which is why I always give every wedding day my all.