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Flash Masters Photographer of the Year 2022

Flash Masters Photographer of the Year 2022

Not forgetting Collection 4 superstars!

Well, where on earth do we start? What an absolutely INSANE first year we have been treated to at Flash Masters (especially since we only started in September)! Over four incredible rounds our members were awarded 21 gold and 137 silver awards. These covering studio portraits, maternity, fashion, senior portraits and weddings from shoots all over the world. We are so proud!

The winner with 110 points including 4 golds and 3 silver awards is...

Rob Howarth!

Here is our round up of 2022...

If you want to see the final leaderboard for 2022 you can check it out here!

Also, how high was the standard in Collection Four?

A huge thank you to our amazing judges Moira LaPlante and Ben Connelly for all of their hard work judging this latest round. These guys really took their time and I know put serious thought into each and every selection. To all of our winners, you are so deserving!

Who impressed the judges in Round Four?

1st Place - Tim Kamppinen 40 points - 1 gold & 2 silver

2nd Place - Madison Picture 30 points - 1 gold

3rd Place - Frank Metzemacher 20 points - 1 gold

Joint 4th - Joe Bickerton - 2 silver awards


Jessie & Dalin - 2 silver awards

Jeff Tisman - 2 silver awards

Congratulations and thank you to each and every one of our members who have helped to create this awesome community. May we always continue to encourage, support and flash with passion!

Not yet a member of Flash Masters? You must be crazy! In 2023 we have so many updates including judging in 3 separate categories - Wedding, Studio and Environmental (anything not in a studio that isn't a wedding!) Our leaderboard is resetting and the entries are open for Round 1 of 2023. Now is the perfect time to join!

Oh go on then, sign me up!